The purpose of AMAPS+PLUS is to help you more effectively operate your business than you are today. This improvement is accomplished through the use of AMAPS+PLUS and its supporting professional and educational services. The effective use of AMAPS+PLUS results in improved customer service, reduced production and inventory costs, reduced FDA compliance costs, conservation of cash, improved profitability and ultimately a more viable and valuable enterprise than you have today.

AMAPS+PLUS consists of seven major areas:

There are common features and functions through the system. These include features include the use of the Ask AMAPS, SMART GUI, Doc-Link and the integrated help system among others.

AMAPS+PLUS has a series of features specifically designed to aid in your compliance with FDA regulations. These features include sophisticated control over the documentation of the design process, lot traceability, lot management, and application security among others.

The Product Definition and Revision Control sub-system enables you to accurately define what you make, how it is constructed, and the steps in the manufacturing process.

The Supply Chain Management sub-system monitors the flow of parts through purchasing, manufacturing, customer order entry, and ultimately shipment to the customer.

The Planning sub-system consists of a comprehensive master scheduling system and a fully functional day-quantity detail Material Requirements Planning System.

The Customer Order Administration sub-system defines customers, identifies the products you sell to them, and supports comprehensive product pricing methods.

The Finance and Accounting sub-system manages product costing, integrating the flow of manufacturing activity to the general ledger plus Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and the General Ledger.